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JuJu's Clubhouse!

Tags: drawings, sketchbook
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I wish I had my own appartment. Someday it'll happen. I love having my own space, so it would be well worth the expenses :P

Anyways I really like your drawing, your talented when it comes to pen sketching. I really love her face.
To be honest, I didn't notice her teeth first off, I noticed her hair. And when I looked at her teeth, they don't look buck-toothed to me :$
I guess being the creator makes me see all kinds of flaws other people wouldn't even notice... I should stop being so critical about my own work lol.
hey ju

i had a friend who had a VERY slanted apartment (i.e.; drinks would slide off his kitchen table). he found that putting 2by4s under one side of his bed frame righted the situation. if you want to try, you might need a level to make sure your mattress is straight. i have one if you want to borrow. :D
I miss the fuck out of you...

Youre my sidekick... but but but... I havent seen you in ten thousand years and a side dish of forever.

That... doesnt usually happen... I'm all disoriented!