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Ninjas >>>>>>>>>> Pirates

There is a reason why I did not participate in "Talk Like A Pirate Day" when most did by posting silly entries. I team with the ninjas and today is our day - Ninja Day. We don't talk like drunken thieves with wooden legs who've been at sea for too long. In fact, we don't talk at all, we just sneak up on you in dead silence.

Today, let's all be a ninja, don't let work stop you.

Gawd, I'm such a geek.
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Deleted comment

These are great! Thanks!
we aim to please :)
Oh my god, this is my favorite drawing ever. LOVE IT! Seriously, L-O-V-E-I-T.
Suh-weeeet, glad you love it!
There was a debate at work for days about ninjas vs. pirates, and who was better. There was no winner, but I'd side with ninjas. They're definitely way cooler, and don't sit around drinking rum and being obnoxious all day.
I'll take quick and agile over loud, stinky pirates any day. Although, the cool factors of a pirate would be having a parrot or a small monkey on your shoulder and be able to loot, while very drunk, valuable objects without any guilty concience nagging after you.
Let me guess: somebody (probably above you) at work is obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean. They had to see Jonny Depp in that costume, and now they think that he's the greatest thing since sliced bread...

May ninjas leap down and slice their necks.