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Dance with me, Lois. Dance the Dance of Life!

18 May 1984

Tchom reap suor, sohk sobai teh? :)

This is a part friends-only journal, add me if you're curious, I'm nice.

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After seeing Metric in concert, I would so marry marry Emily:

Um, my old profile was stupid. Will work on someone better. I should take the following out, but it will just show you how much of a dork and geek I reall am:

This is probably the best virtual pet website I ever came across. It crushes all others!!!11

my pet! my pet! my pet!

My web comic:

Communities I started:
queer_mtl | khmer_life | dengue_fever

Terror Alert Level
50's, 60's, 8 femmes, 80's, aimée & jaguar, alfred hitchcock, amnesty international, angelina jolie, animal rights, anthrax (the band... duh), anti-nike, art, asia, asian culture, baggism, bikini kill, bitter films, black clothes, brandon bruce lee, buddhism, but i'm a cheerleader, cambodia, canada, chocolate, cibo matto, cuddling, damien rice, david usher, dengue fever, divers/cité, don hertzfeldt, drawing, elka and kc, elliott smith, foreign films, francais, freedom doesn't exist anymore, girls, graffiti, grand theft auto, graphic design, grease, harlan coben, heavy metal, huggles, human rights, i am a banana, indie artists, indie bands, indie music, indie rock, industrial music, jack johnson, jeanne d'arc, jenny lewis, jet li, joan of arc, joan of arcadia, johanna fateman, john lennon, jon stewart, julie andrews, kampochea, kathleen hanna, kexp live, khmer, khmer culture, king norodom sihanouk, kisses, kmfdm, l'auberge espagnole, le tigre, lee heung yee, lee lian jie, li lin kit, liberation, mariah carey, massages, maturity, metric, micheal owen, ministry, moist, montreal, montreal bagels, multimedia design, musical comedies, nada surf, nine inch nails, nintendo, ohgr, oldies, omid djalili, ororo monroe, oscar wilde, our lady peace, painting, peppermint patty and marcie, phnom penh, photography, poutine, punk rock, rainforests, rejected, rilo kiley, riot grrrl, river phoenix, selena, shannon lee, shaolin soccer, shavo, shirley manson, ska, sketching, slayer, snowboarding, snuggling, soccer, sondre lerche, stabbing westward, stand by me, storm, supergirl, system of a down, tee and ess, teen girl squad, tegan, tegan & sara, tegan and sara, the beatles, the early 90's, the late 80's, the ramones, the sound of music, trent reznor, vegetarianism, vera brosgol, video games, wes borland, women rights, x-men, x-men legends, yeah yeah yeahs, yoko ono